Senin, 27 Februari 2012

Mencatat Pesanan Pelanggan

Adanya pesanan dari pelanggan merupakan awal terjadinya transaksi jual beli. Penjual perlu memperhatikan hal ini dengan baik. Setiap pesanan yang diminta pelanggan harus segera dilayani dengan mendengarkan dan dicatat, kemudian mengecek kembali. 

Pencatatan kebutuhan pelanggan berdasarkan ceklist merupakan tindakan yang dapat menggambarkan kebutuhan pelanggan sebagai daftar pemeriksaan terhadap faktor-faktor yang diinginkan oleh pelanggan.


Jumat, 20 Agustus 2010

Career Opportunities

Lowongan Kerja

We are a global, broad-based health care company devoted to discovering new medicines, new technologies and new ways to manage health. Our products span the continuum of care, from nutritional products and laboratory diagnostics through medical devices and pharmaceutical therapies. Our comprehensive line of products encircles life itself - addressing important health needs from infancy to the golden years.


Reports to: National Sales Manager

Division: AI – Primary Care

Summary of Job Description:

To lead and supervise the Medical Representatives under his/her responsibility to ensure good coverage of Abbott’s customers, medical professionals, and outlets needs.

To make sure of the achievement of sales plan in his/her area responsibility, through implementing the marketing plan, ensuring excellent customer services and providing feed back to management.

Skills and experience required

*Possess strong leadership to manage the sales team.
*High endurance and maintains good performance under work pressure.
*Solid decision-making skills and Result-Oriented, experienced in determining Sales Target & Sales Budget.
*Certified in CMRT.
*Good communications and presentation skills, at least in passive English.
*Familiar with Microsoft Office.
*Minimum 2 years of experiences in similar position
*Willing to be located in all area of Indonesia.

Education: University graduate in Medical or Pharmacy faculty, additional Management/Business is considered a benefit.

Applications - please apply via Abbott Indonesia Job Requisition with Position Code as Email Subject to:, not later than 18 September, 2010.


Sell Yourself

Although it may be considered selfish, I acknowledge that no matter what I sell - homes, computers, real estate or automobile, I will remain the number one selling product in the world. I would feel this way if I was a certified public accountant, lawyer or doctor. No matter what I do for a living, I'll rack my brains to think that is number one. If you do not think like that, there will be no one else could think of me like that too.

You also must believe that your product sells the world's number one - yourself!. I once asked, "How can we both be able to sell products in the world's number one?" The answer is that every person is unique. No one else in the world who like me or you.

I think it's important for you to know that you are unique. Once you know, you will realize how many changes are made in determining whether the prospect will buy your products. Let's face it, each of us has a monopoly in the combination of the unique nature of our own.

Whatever you sell, you will make a difference. There are nearly 2000 insurance companies that offer the same products; all stock traders who sell shares and securities listed have the same bonds for sale; all real-estate agent to sell your property or automobile listed multiple times. The same thing happens in the field of office equipment and supplies, the retail clothing business, in the supermarket industry and so forth.

What's been the subject of all this is that you must sell yourself. prospect must like you and trust you. If not, no reason for anyone to buy from you rather than buying from others.


Prior Bad Experience With Salesman

Everyone has had a bad experience in dealing with a salesman who did not propesional, insensitive, like the fake, two-faced and rather deceptive. Perhaps the words rough, Though right. Sooner or later, all people will be opposed to such salesmen who tell off some of us.

Moreover, their tactics are rotten and cause a lot of potential customers who are worried and embarrassed when you visit a professional salesman though. You should be aware that people are not instinctively against the salesman, and certainly not born with such properties.

I'm no different from the others. I never met face to face with the salesman that obnoxious, pushy, and scare me into buying their products. I never cheated sales that offer goods that no practical sense. If I could become a victim of people who talked fast and master the subject, you better believe me when I tell you that all those people have had similar experiences.

But it's all relative. So, take my advice and reverse the situation. Notices atmosphere that make prospective customers think of you enjoyable, imformatif and professional. Imagine how pleasant situation for prospective customers who are on guard against bullying and the words that convoluted. Bad experience with previous prospects who make our people better, look better! Therefore, because I tell people "enjoy the experience of doing business with Me", they immediately know exactly what I mean.